Ode to our Dishwasher

As we begin a new year, I honor you, our dishwasher.
Faithfully serving us through 2020, washing, rinsing, and drying .
When you broke down, I almost started crying.

Working more than you were ever designed to do.
Multiple times a day you washed our dishes anew.
Treated roughly by our children,
I reminded them when you’re gone, they’ll be downtrodden.

They kept leaning on your upper rack and eventually snapped the brackets.
Down everything fell and caused a racket.
We tried our best to keep you going.
Wires, zap straps to hold you up to keep on washing.

We had to treat you well.
So I cleaned you more often, so you’ll excel.
Wiped and polished your door to a shine.
You kept going, so I took it as a sign.

To finally fix all the things that were broken,
I asked our neighbour for help, as a token.
We appreciate all the things you do for us greatly.
I hope you forgive us for treating you so ghastly.

Most Valuable Appliance for 2020

The Dishwasher