The Boy Part Deux

This picture was taken just a few days after the boy part deux was born.  My wife, for whatever reason, likes to take pictures of me sleeping with my boys. 

Last night, I stumbled upon a blog post on the ‘best parenting advice i never got’.   Reading the piece,  reminded me of the time when we first became parents.  Everything seemed like a big deal.  I expected way too much of myself and didn’t have the sense to realize when it was time to ask for “HELP”.

It’s been almost a month since boy part deux arrived.  Recently, I commented to my wife that this baby seems to be more easy going.  My wife replied back, “Maybe, we’re more easy going”.  Don’t get me wrong, having two kids vs. one is by no means easier.  But, maybe, just maybe, we have evolved as parents.  So we’d like to think.

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