Dramatic Entrances: Original Boy vs. Boy Part Deux

The Original Boy (OGB) was born two weeks late after 24 hours of labour (plus days of pre-labour), wife reaching 9 cms, just to end up with a section, and out-of-town grandparents rescheduling their flights no less than 3 times just to be at the birth. 

Boy Part Deux (BPD) came two weeks earlier than anticipated with my wife bravely getting through labour with no drugs, and an overzealous OB-on-call at the hospital during the delivery.  I’ll spare everyone the gory details but all I can say is thank God for our midwives.   Yes, natural child birth is a messy beautiful affair.

On a side note, the day before BPD’s birthday, in the early morning, OGB had peed in his bed for the first time. Less than 3 hours later, my wife woke me up and in almost disbelief informs me that  her water broke.  My first reaction was “why is everyone leaking this morning.”

2 weeks early and 2 weeks late.  The two boys just swaped their original due dates for their birthdays.  I was actually hoping they would have the same birthday. 

Both of my sons birthdays were equally dramatic but it was just a lesson in Parenting 101 – expect the unexpected and that things don’t always go as planned.  You just got to make sure there’s lots of love to go around. 

P.S.  I bow down to my wife.  Giving birth is not for the faint of heart.

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