Childhood is just a moment in time that passes too quickly

Here’s a snapshot of a quick 5 minute playtime in our friend’s garage.  None of the kids cared what they played with, where they were, who did what. Tthey were just all in the moment.

Sharing the experience of raising a young family with other friends with young families is really a godsend.  It allows us to share our experiences and ideas to help us get through the difficult moments and more importantly celebrate the victories.  It also gives our children a safe place to be themselves.

In the four years, since becoming parents, we’ve realized what matters the most are the quiet moments. When you’re in the middle of trying to grasp what to do with your crying baby or your toddler throwing a trantrum — everything seems like an eternity at that moment. In between these moments, is also series of quiet moments that are so precious and sublime that the value of it is not fully realized until it has passed.

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