Happy parents = happy kids

The last three months have been a whirlwind to say the least.  With the birth of our second son – Boy Part Deux (BPD), it resulted in many welcomed visitors from out of town.  From July to just short of two weeks ago, our house was a hub of activity.

These past two weeks was our first chance to get into a normal day-to-day routine.

Reality bites.

There was no additional hands to give BPD to.  Our Original Boy (OGB), is really growing up and his needs were changing almost daily.  Some days he likes mommy more.  Some days daddy is good enough for him.  And some days mommy and daddy just need a break but have limited baby sitting options at the moment.

Two kids is definitely more work than one kid.  I say this with no disrespect to OGB, but BPD is so much easier to take care of than OGB ever was three months into this two-child dynamic.  I say it all the time that this is probably because we’re also more relaxed as parents.  Maybe this has lent to a more relaxed infant??? Possible.

This past week especially has been a lesson in managing expectations.  Setting the bar too high leads to disappointment.  But setting the bar too low can lead to frustration.  We are relearning the lesson of communicate, communicate, communicate.

Happy parents = happy kids.

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