What’s lurking in the shadows?

My OGB tells me, “daddy I’m scared of the shadows”. How should one rational parent respond to this?

My wife decides to show him shadow puppet videos from YouTube. Fair enough. Make the shadows seem fun and non-threatening. It worked for a little bit.

Somehow, somewhere the fear of shadows gets reinforced. He’s scared of shadows again. The imagination of a child is a funny thing. As an adult I’ve forgotten how things can seem scary.

Last night I tried the scientific approach. I tell my OGB a shadow is formed when a light source hits a solid object and the light cannot pass through. I’m pretty sure he understood it. 😉

In the end, the ‘shadows’ is just his way of telling us, “I don’t want to sleep alone.”

After all co-sleeping doesn’t last forever.

2 thoughts on “What’s lurking in the shadows?

  1. My mother thought she saw/felt a ghost or something yesterday because of the wind. When I went downstairs, there was a crucifix surrounded by lit candles. Um… The imagination of old people is pretty crazy too. Scientific approach: awesome!

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