Macarons and the housewife

Today was a somewhat momentous day for my wife. The Bel Cafe by Chef Hawksworth opened in Vancouver which serves, IHHO, the best macarons in the city.

She’s tried a number of macarons from very prominent bakeries and cafes. But these macarons by Chef Hawksworth are just so delicious. We first tasted them for dessert on our anniversary dinner at Hawksworth restaurant. I myself was very impressed by the pistachio macaron. I never liked any pistachio flavor macarons at other establishments.

For some reason, on this maternity leave, she’s made macaron hunting as somewhat of a quest. So here I am, after a long day at work, making a quick detour to pick her up a treat. She deserves it after a long day with both kids.

P.s. I used it as somewhat of a bribe to get her to pick me up from the train station. I figure a box of these delicious treats = a cab ride home.

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