Toddler boys require a first aid certificate

The OGB was at home sick today. But it wasn’t his cough or cold that forced a doctor visit – it was his rambunctious.

He was jumping up and down on the couch, fell, and hit his face on the arm rest. My wife calls to tell me his mouth is bleeding and that something had torn open inside his mouth.

I asked, “Are all his teeth still in place?”


With a bleeding toddler and a crying infant, my wife was clearly overwhelmed. She just kept saying “What do I do?” repeatedly. I was at work and was having a hard time assessing the gravity of my son’s condition.

I suggested to my wife to take him to the doctor. I figure the assurance from the doctor that our boy is ok would calm my wife’s nerves. In her daze, she wasn’t acknowledging my suggestion. After a stern suggestion, she agreed to take him.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stay calm for your child when they are hurt.

I had a similar experience a few months back. Just a few moments before my brother’s wedding, our OGB trips and hits his cheek on the solid wood bench of the church pew. The ceremony was about to start and I really needed help badly. Luckily one of the church volunteers was able to get me some ice for his cheek. I was a mess inside for many reasons on top of everything else that was going on around that time. I needed a reassurance that he’ll be ok. After calming him down, he slept through the whole ceremony.

After the visit to the doctor, my wife calls me to let me know the doctor said our boy will be fine.

First aid training could come in handy when you have toddler boys.

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