A week of mishaps

Forrest Gump was right when he infamously said the phrase “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.

This week has relatively been a week of minor mishaps.

Earlier in the week, I shared about my OGB smashing his face on the arm of our couch and tearing his upper lip open. He’s fine now.

The second minor mishap was the X Factor USA episodes. It was the whole Stacey Francis song choice debacle with Nicole Scherzinger along with Astro’s bratty behaviour during the results show. Seriously Nicole? Couldn’t you think of any Tina Turner song for Stacey during Rock Week. Thank you LA Reid and Simon Cowell for putting him in his place. Though neither of you picked tock arrangements for your contestants.

The third minor mishap involved a very minor fender bender with a parked car No big deal. No injuries to involved parties. Very very minor scratched damage to the other car.

What’s do these three seemingly unrelated events have reminded me this week – Owning responsibility. It’s a hard but necessary pill to swallow sometimes.

My OGB is slowly but surely recognizing that he needs to listen to mommy and daddy. He didn’t listen to his mommy to stop jumping up and down the couch.

Throughout the X Factor season, Stacey Francis, being 42 years old, showed her emotions how badly she wanted to fulfill her dream of making it aa a recording artist. She wanted it too badly and let her emotions dictate her choices. She owned up to it when she got booted from the show.

Astro is an amazing talent. During the results show he refused to perform feeling that he didn’t deserve to be up for elimination. He didn’t want to perform for people that didn’t vote for him. He was hurt and showed that he was still just a kid with a lot to learn. Simon was right by saying he disrespected his parents, the show, and the audience. He begrudgingly apologized.

So finally, it was our fault that we hit a parked car. The bigger picture is that no one was hurt. Hopefully we’ll just fork out a few hundred dollars for the repair of the other car.

No other choice but to embrace responsibility.

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