A new year for adventures in parenthood

2011 went by so quickly.  It was a very moody year for my family life.  There were many things to celebrate and somethings we’d rather forget.  In any case, there’s always something about a new year that makes us all want to start anew (at least start letting go of the things we’d rather forget).

Our OGB and BPD are growing up together quite nicely though with some minor challenges.  No major bouts of jealousy from the OGB but I think he definitely tries to get our attention sometimes in not so quiet ways.  It seems the terrible two’s are turning out to be the terrible three’s instead.  (stay in control, stay in control, don’t react)

Since BPD is so cute and cuddly, he’s gotten used to being carried all the time.  We’re having a bit of a tricky time just laying him down to sleep.  Yes, it’s our fault.  Can’t put the blame on anyone else.  Maybe just me.  My wife warned me not to hold him so much to help him fall asleep. But when he was just tiny baby, he slept so much better while I cuddled with him.  We have a bassinet in our room that has just become a glorified hamper.

So what will the rest of the year bring in regards to parenthood? I have no idea but it’ll definitely be an adventure. Having the 2 kids defintely kicks our butt sometimes, actually, quite often these days.  We’re already getting asked when’s the next one coming? Yes I know, you just have to come to expect the question at some point and take it with a grain of salt.  Seems unfathomable to us at this point.  We say that we’re done. We get one each and we’re never outnumbered.  But as Justin Bieber sings, “Never Say Never”.  Maybe God has different plans or maybe he’ll have mercy on us and say “three’s a crowd”.

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