Having gratitude is vital to raising a young family.  Heck, it’s vital in all aspects of life.

What is gratitude? The dictionary defines it as a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

It’s so easy to want to ‘best’ things.  It’s so easy to fall prey to keeping up with the joneses.  Sometimes, I must admit, I fail to recognize that things I do have vs. the things that I don’t.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily routine and what needs to be done next?  We all go through our checklists feeling accomplished after we cross out each item.  Yes it feels good to get things done.  But ask, why am I doing this?

It’s just been over a week since my wife went back to work from maternity leave.  Our youngest son just turned one and our first born just turned four. As predicted, my wife was pretty emotional a few days before and a few days after she started work. She was coming to terms of not being with her babies everyday.

On her first day back at work, on the way to the daycare, she started tearing up in the car.  I reminded her, our kids need you to keep it together right now.I thanked her for taking care of our kids and our family so well this past year during her maternity leave.  I also didn’t want her to go back to work but this is our reality at the moment.  We’re doing our best and just hope and pray it is good enough.

A few hours later, she posted on her twitter, reflecting on finishing her maternity leave,

One thing to add to that, smile because life is happening.  I am grateful for the life that I have.

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