In Parenting, Image is Everything

Baby product companies sure know how to make a lot of things cool, shiny, and trendy looking.

Take this car seat for example:

It’s called the Foonf made by Clek Inc.  My wife and I were impressed when we saw it on the website.  It looks like a well-designed, good looking car seat.  But what the heck is a Foonf?

It has an extra-padded cushion that “protects against numb-bum syndrome”.  Is that an actual medical condition I haven’t heard of?  God forbid, my baby’s bum is a little numb.

The second feature that stood out is the “Crypton” Super Fabric which offers permanent protection against molds, stains, and bacteria.  Obviously they have trademarked the fabric “Crypton”.  I think DC Comics should sue.  It’s awfully close to the planet “Krypton” or maybe they are just referencing it from the periodic table of elements.  The fabric so powerful against molds, stains, and bacteria,  it is compared to a fictional planet where superheroes come from.

Thirdly, it features the “The Revolutionary REACT™ — Rapid Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology — Safety System”.  Because we want to test that this really works.  I wish no parent would want to find out.

This car seat also retails for $500 CAD (after taxes).

I’m sure it’s a well-engineered product and that many parents and their children will be happy with it.

Maybe because parenting is damn hard. These days, we just want to look good doing it.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Admittedly, my wife and I are stroller snobs.

The products that we buy also reaffirms us that we’re good parents – “it’s the safest.”, “it’s organic and chemical free”. Obviously, these companies know what’s best for our children and our family.   They make us feel that we know what we’re doing when most of the time, we really have no idea.

After spending so much time, looking good as parents and finding the best products,  just remember to actually spend time with your kid.

Again, what the heck is a Foonf?

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