Choices Choices Choices

My 4 year old will probably never watch TV or consume media the way I did when I was a kid.  My grandmother used to record Saturday morning cartoons and gameshows every time she was in New York back in the 1980s.  She would bring it back to us in the Philippines.  My brothers and I would watch that same tape over over again.

These days, my son relies mainly on Netflix for his shows.  It’s been a learning experience for my wife and I on how much to let him watch.  We eventually decided to just let him watch on the weekends.

There been on occasion when we’re channel surfing on the good old TV. He asks us to start the show back to the beginning.  It’s not easy explaining to a 4 year old that broadcast TV is not on-demand. All he knows is Netflix where everything is on-demand and he has an unlimited number of choices for what he wants to watch.

Choices, choices, choices.  I hope that the multitude of choices kids have these days won’t result in indecisive people.  Sometimes too many options can be paralyzing.


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