Broken Dishwasher: God Help Us!

For almost two weeks now, we haven’t been able to use our dishwasher.

We received a letter from the manufacturer stating a recall has been issued for our particular model.  There is a risk of the heating element failing and causing a fire.

Who knew we had been living under a moderate threat of a fire from our beloved dishwasher.  It’s been hand-washing city ever since I got the recall letter.  Truly, this is a #firstworldproblem.

We cook a lot at our house and typically feed between 4-6 people at any given time.  Pots, pans, colanders, mixing bows, utensils, etc…..there’s always a pile either in the sick or by the sink of these items needing to be washed.

We live in a small townhouse and our kitchen is basically set-up with an island where the sink and dishwasher live.  The main wall houses the range-oven, microwave, fridge, and some choice small appliances. There a 3 foot area between the island the wall that’s about 12 feet long.  It’s a small kitchen, basically a galley style.  There’s not much room to move so usually it’s 1 to 2 persons (max) at a time when someone is cooking.

So in this first world problem of mine, I basically play tagteam with my wife to clean as she cooks. I dive in there when she’s waiting for something to roast in the oven, simmer on the stove, or she’s looking up a recipe somewhere else.I make sure all pots, pans, etc, that were used for preparing the meal are all washed before dinner begins. Since we can’t use the dishwasher, it’s turned into a glorified drying cabinet.

I’m not really sure that it’s taken more time to do the dishes without the dishwasher but it sure feels like it.

Somewhere in between those times is trying to keep our 1 year old out of the way.  He likes to wander in and out and open pantry doors and kitchen drawers.  The playpen is going back out for the kid’s detention (oops, safety).

The repair for this dishwasher can’t come soon enough.

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