The MasterCard Commercial Moments

There’s been recent grumblings in the news lately about the cost of childcare in Vancouver. It is the most expensive city in Canada to begin with without the associated costs of raising a child or two. Thinking of raising a family?  Well, better save your pennies.

What is the average cost now of raising kid from infancy to college?  Upwards of $240,000 per child according to latest studies.  Things do add up pretty quickly I must admit.  What you spend on your family is certainly a reflection of your priorities?  My fellow parents, just pause a little bit.  First, just embrace the fact that you will lose sleep and some hair.  Once you’ve done that, remind yourself that if we do this parenting gig right, there will be a lot of MasterCard Commercial moments along the way.  When you can honestly say — it was all worth it and you can’t put a price on the joys of raising your child.

There are many intangibles and intrinsic moments that cannot be measured by a statistic.  Community is one of those things that comes to mind.  Every family needs a community.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in, it’s exponentially more manageable to raise a family with a community behind you.

Now, if you can do me a favour fellow parents, list everyone in your life that has given you their time to your family. It doesn’t matter whether they are friends, acquaintances, or family.  The people that give you their time is your community.

After all, that’s all our kids really want — our time.

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