I love my grandparents.  My fondest memories from my childhood are of my grandparents.  I was lucky enough to grow up with 3 of my grandparents for most of my childhood and adult years.  My paternal grandfather passed away when I was very young.  He died just over year after  his 40th wedding anniversary.  He has  become a legend to me.  My maternal grandfather recently passed away — just shy of his 60th wedding anniversary.  He spent a good number of years living with us and boy did he ever challenge me to be better.

I take note of length of their marriages because I hope to have  a long and fruitful marriage as well.  Though I may never know in its entirety the ups and downs they all experienced in their respective marriages, I’ve seen how much they are loved by their own children and by others.

My grandfathers were both married to very  strong, loyal, generous, and loving women.  My grandmothers are still relatively going strong in their late 80’s.  Now, each time I get to see them, it’s a very special time.  I can honestly say, without my grandmothers, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  They have taught me many lessons I still take with me, especially now that I have a family of my own.

Two of my proudest moments was having my grandparents witness me get married to my amazing wife and presenting them both of my sons in their infancy.  As I jokingly said to one of my aunts, “every time we have a baby, we have to go on a world tour.”

Presenting my kids to their  great grandparents were very humbling experiences.  My sons are tangible proof of the fruits of their labour, love, and dedication to their respective families.

As my kids grow up, I hope they have as much as close as a relationship they can have to the grandparents they have around them.


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