Balance & Evolution

Forget work life balance. How about marriage-family balance? I’m going to say it out loud. My wife and I haven’t gone on a date for awhile now. Before anyone speculates on the state of our marriage, we are doing just fine.

Between family and work and everything in between, sometimes all you want to do is absolutely nothing. Things that seemed easy to do before like going to the movies needs coordinated planning. Do we have a sitter? Is there a movie playing when they are available? How late are we going to be out? Do I have enough energy to go through with it?

My lovely wife found an old greeting card the other day that she wrote to me just before we got married.  I jokingly commented that she was sweeter then. She laughed.  I wrote her a song once with an accompanying website showcasing it. Though the romantic efforts are at times few and far between. I think our efforts of showing love & attentiveness to one another have evolved.

How has it evolved? Sometimes the simple concept of making the effort to take care of our family even with the most uneventful of tasks means much more than a grand romantic gesture. If we simply just work together & for each other and our kids, we can celebrate each day knowing we were there today. We were there to witness the priceless moments, the quirky gestures only you laugh about, and the support we get for the things that challenge us.

After all, marriage made us a we not just a me. Now, the intimate and quiet moments between me and my wife mean so much more.

p.s. I still buy flowers for my wife.

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