Trial & Error

Parenting is a great exercise in trial & error. As parents, we just hope we get more things right than wrong. We try our best to manage the risks to have more gains than losses. We intend to do what is best for our children.

The past two weeks has been a good example of trial and error in parenting. Our little guy showed signs of a fever two weeks ago and after a couple days later we took him to the doctor.

Ear infection. Ok great we got prescribed an antibiotic that works great for ear infections. His fever should clear up in a day or two. Early Sunday morning his fever spiked to over 40 Celsius. We took him to the ER and doctor there said our son might just need more time. At this time, we also mentioned our son’s cough. Doctor didn’t seem concerned.

A week passed since his fever began and he was still getting spiky fevers. Took him back to the doctor and said it’s day 5 of 7 of his antibiotic and he’s still getting fevers. I suggested could it be something else? I also mentioned he’s had a cough for 10 days now.

Doctor asked if we signs of improvement? I said yes but ever so slowly. Our son had been responding to Advil and Tylenol much better. Fever spikes were getting further apart. So doctor suggested to just stay the course.

Our doctor listened to our son’s chest and did notice his breathing was a little laboured. He said it’s low grade asthma. Fair enough our eldest son had the same thing. But I didn’t make the connection that our oldest son had asthma after several bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia.

So we stayed the course and finished his antibiotic and the day after he was fever free. So last Friday, we were able to take him to daycare. Sunday afternoon, the fever came back and it lingered until Monday morning. It was also Day 10 of his antiobiotic. The doctor gave our son an additional 3 day run. I said to my wife this isn’t normal.

Our family doctor’s office was closed that day, so we took him to the walk-in clinic we normally go to. The doctor saw him and said his ears are still really red. He listened to his chest and suspected that he might have pneumonia. He wrote us a note and instructed us to go the ER.

At the hospital, our son was given a chest x-ray. Luckily, he was a brave little boy and stayed still while strapped in the x-ray chair. It confirmed he has pneumonia.

ER doctor prescribed a higher dosage of a different antibiotic to clear up the pneumonia. After 12 days, it felt like a load off our shoulders to finally figure out what was happening with our son. We just tried to keep things in perspective that his condition wasn’t super serious but certainly it could have been. I tried not to get super upset at his misdiagnosis. We really just wanted to see him get better.

He’s back to daycare today and hopefully on the road to a full recovery after 4 doctors, 2 trips to the ER, and 2 rounds of different antibiotics. Thanks to the friends and family who offered support throughout this whole process.

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