Refreshing an Old Suit

It’s tempting to always buy new clothes especially when your old clothes don’t fit anymore.  Whether it’s because you gained or lost weight or just because style preference has evolved,  old clothes don’t quite fit the same way compared to when you first wore it.

I have 4 suits in my closet.  A grey pinstripe one purchased in 2006.  A solid brown suit purchased in 2007. A hand me down brown suit (same make and style) from my older brother. A solid black suit I bought in 2010.

Out of the 4 suits, only the black one fit properly and the brown hand me down suit jacket.  The grey pinstripe and brown suits were too big for me.  My fashion sense has somewhat improved recently and I realized that I had no idea how to buy a suit when I bought those first two suits.  I probably never got the right size and the right cut. The last year and a half, I’ve struggled with what to wear during formal occasions since I realized I had ill-fitting suits. I only had the 1 black and half of a brown suit that fit.

What am I to do?  I could’ve bought a couple of brand new suits to a the tune of many pennies.  I was hesitating to bring my suits to a tailor to see if they can be altered fearing it would be too expensive anyways.

So here I am, faced with another season of weddings & formal work functions with 1 black suit.  I decided to start off with the 2 pants and get those taken in.  It’s as if I bought brand new pants paying just half the price of a new one with alterations.  At the tailors, I asked how much to alter a suit jacket and they said it depends on how much needs to be done.

So I finally took my grey pinstripe suit jacket to the tailors today, and the lady said, we have to take the shoulders in, recut the opening of the sleeves, take in the back and it will cost you . . . .  She suggested that I might just want to buy a new suit jacket.

Sigh….for a second I considered backing out.  After pondering for a moment, I still can’t buy a decent quality suit for the amount that I would’ve paid for alterations.  It was still a very nice suit jacket.  I’ve probably worn the suit less than two dozen times since I bought it. So I said ok, I’m going to get the suit jacket done.  They’re basically reducing it it by 1 whole size.

So now I look at my closet with all my ill-fitting shirts and realized, I can make many of these old clothes new again by simply taking them to the tailors. It felt good refreshing an old suit to something that feels brand new.

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