Life’s little milestones: our son’s first teacher interview

It’s beginning to sink in, I have a school-aged child.  A couple days ago, we took out eldest son to meet his kindergarten teacher for this coming fall.  It was a quick 10 to 15 minute meeting for the teacher to get some one–on-one time with each student.  I didn’t know what to expect  but at the end of it, I really felt like a proud papa.

The teacher asked him to write his name out.  What was his favorite colour?  What shape was one the paper?  Who are his friends from daycare?  After our son got a bit more comfortable, he started talking about dinosaurs & what happened at daycare this past week.  He seemed at ease and genuinely excited about going to school.

I was literally holding my breath the whole time the teacher was talking to our son.  It wasn’t because I was nervous for him.  It was just a milestone moment for our son and for us as his parents.

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