High Five!


Ethan5yearsIt’s amazing that such a small person can turn your world upside-down & inside-out.  Our first son turned 5 today.  Where has the time gone?

Our little guy had a very eventful entrance to world being a honeymoon baby, two weeks late, 23 hours of induced labour, and the whole world anticipating his arrival.  First son of the first-born daughter (my wife)  and the first grandchild of the family.  Lots of firsts for him from the very beginning.

Each birthday that comes marks a turning point. It marks a year of joys & struggles and a point to move forward and continue to strive to better.   Throughout our learning as parents, our little boy has remained exuberant, sweet, and loving.  We hope to never extinguish that in him.  He has become an awesome big brother to his rambunctious sibling.  He’s becoming a thoughtful & compassionate little person.

We are blessed to have him. Happy Happy Birthday to our ‘leader’!



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