The Glacier

One of my most favorite places in the world — Blackcomb Glacier.

Every one needs a reboot.  Snowboarding and a day in the mountains always gives me a quick reboot from day-to-day life.  I was fortunate enough to spend a day snowboarding at Blackcomb Mountain this past weekend.  We hiked up Blackbomb Glacier for the first time in many years. We were laughing all the way to the top trying to figure out if we still new how to hop-on a T-bar lift.  Luckily we made it all the way up all intact.

We’re both married now and there hasn’t been many moments in the last few years that we could just simply be brothers.  It was refreshing to just be in the moment and in a place where we have some of our best times together.  15,000 vertical feet, 3 breakfast sandwiches, a waffle, 2 hotdogs, 2 donuts, a poutine, a beer, a gatorade, a frozen lemonade, and a smoothie later, it was our best snowboarding day in a really long time.


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