Beyond the Horizon

While I was watching some tennis on TV, my three year old son says to me, “I want to play tennis.”  I told him that daddy will find a tennis school when he’s a little older. He responded with, “What do you mean? I’m already 3.”  It was an amusing yet telling response from my 3 year old son.

My eldest son is about to start another school year at the Catholic elementary school at our Parish.  For the summer, he’s been at his old daycare with his brother.  One day, he tells his mom, “Mama, some of the kids at the daycare don’t know they are part of God’s family.”    It was a very poignant observation from our son.

My wife responds “Not everyone learns about God. The best thing you can do is to pray for your friends. Be nice to them and care for them to show them they are a part of God’s family too.”.

Two simple moments from our sons.  I hope we can be aware enough to recognize the teaching moments that come our way — to be present and to have the courage to engage.   Our sons have barely scratched the surface of what lies ahead of them.  I could say the same for us as their parents. We too have just scratched the surface.


photo by Francis Lacson Photography

“Journeying is precisely the art of looking toward the horizon, thinking where I want to go but also enduring the fatigue of the journey, which is sometimes difficult. … There are dark days, even days when we fail, even days when we fall … but always think of this: Don’t be afraid of failures. Don’t be afraid of falling. What matters in the art of journeying isn’t not falling but not staying down. Get up right away and continue going forward…..Walking in community, with friends, with those who love us, that helps us. It helps us to arrive precisely at that goal, that ‘there where’ we’re supposed to arrive.”
-Pope Francis

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