How I Met Your Mother


Happy birthday to my loving wife.  You are my life.  In honor of your 35th birthday, I thought I would go back in time for a moment.  It’s been over 10 years since we began our relationship.  Each year I have known you, I am humbled by your  love, humility & generosity of heart and spirit as a woman, wife, mother and friend.

This is my “How I Met Your Mother” story.

“How did you meet mom dad?” my eldest son asked.

It’s a long story.

Well sons, the short answer is – the Internet.  No we didn’t meet on a dating site.  I was using your uncle’s computer and he had this chat program called ICQ (I-seek-you).  Your mom was on your uncles friends list and I just happened to randomly chat with with your mom one evening.  We had a few of casual conversations soon after. I lived in Vancouver and  she lived in Toronto.

It was another year after until we met in person at a conference in Vancouver.  I tried to dance with her during one of the social events but she turned me down.  Your father wasn’t the cool happening guy back then.

Just over a year from that meeting, your mom was in Vancouver again and by this time we had some mutual friends.  We actually attended this mutual friend’s birthday party that she had totally forgotten that I was there too. Again, I wasn’t the cool happening guy back then.

On a related story, while visiting her in Toronto for the first time, I attended your uncle’s Grade 7 graduation but for the life of me, your mother nor your uncle remembers that I was there.  I was actually tasked to handle the video camera that day. Forgetting that I was present is something that your mom seemed to do to me. But I digress.

Let me get back on track.  Another year later, I graduated university, started my first real job, and had taken up snowboarding as a hobby.  This was ultimately one of my wisest decisions I have made upto that point.

We had met again at another conference in Edmonton.  We were at someone’s house and I was sitting on the couch minding my business.  Maybe I looked lonely.  I didn’t know very many people.  Your mom sat beside me and struck up a conversation.  As I’m awkwardly trying to sustain the conversation, I mentioned that I’ve taken up snowboarding.  This sole fact piqued her interest. Apparently, your mom finds snowboarders ‘attractive’.  She went to Whistler with some girlfriends once and they ogled all afternoon at the snowboarders walking by.

I left Edmonton with my friends and thought nothing of it.

A few months later, we again met in Victoria (city #3) for another conference. We were both working behind the scenes and in the middle of the program, I get a package of Twizzlers backstage.  It was your mom’s best friend that gave the pack of candy to me and told me that it was from your mom. I’m like thanks? I don’t really like twizzlers. After another conference, she went back home to Toronto.

Less than two months later, your mom was again back in Vancouver for yet another conference.  The week before the event, we started chatting online.  I would be at work and anxiously wait for her to go online.  So I’d say hello and we talked and this went on for the whole week before the event.  All I knew at this point is I liked talking to her.

Behind the scenes, our mutual friends were starting to notice something might happening between the two of us.  Neither of us had been in a relationship at that point so everyone around us were treading carefully to bring up the subject. Again she went back home to Toronto.

It was my 24th birthday, and your uncles and I watched were going to watch a movie.  Before the movie, I got a phone call from your mom. She wished me  a happy birthday.  I was really surprised that she called.  It wasn’t a very long conversation.  When I got off the phone, the first thought that popped into my head was “I think she likes me.”  3 years and 17 cities later, the rest is history.

And that is how I met your mother.

Happy birthday my love.

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