Party of Five

In a few short weeks, our family will become a party of five.  We are thankful and humbled.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed.  We are prepared and wide eyed.


We are first to admit that our family has come without too much thought or planning.  I say this as humbly as I acknowledge how many couples have difficulty conceiving.  For our first born, he was the classic honeymoon baby. For our second, he came just before my 31st birthday while we were on vacation.  For our third, It was the morning of this past father’s day that my wife woke me up to tell me we’re having another baby.  She showed me the pregnancy test and I went back to bed.

For our first and second born, I made it to every OB and midwife appointment for both pregnancies.  Now that our oldest is school-age and our second is in daycare, life is predictably busier.  In short, my wife and I have to divide and conquer.

For this third pregnancy, I went to our first midwife appointment and didn’t go again until my wife’s 7 month of pregnancy.  I walked out of the midwifery clinic that afternoon feeling like I’ve never done this before.  I somehow filed away in the back of mind that another baby was coming.  It hit me that afternoon and I reminded myself that I have done this twice before.  The memories of a newborn baby somewhat faded after our second boy finished potty training.

We’re on the last stretch before we are officially outnumbered.  Our boys are excited.  We have been explaining to them that we have to make room for the new baby – not only in closet space but also room in our hearts.

To our 3rd baby boy, we can’t wait to meet you and you are already loved.

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