My youngest sister is a really great aunt and really great with kids in general.  Last week, she bravely watched over 5 munchkins so we could go out with our friends kid-free.

She’s also documented some of her standout moments with my two boys, particularly my eldest on her Facebook page. They definitely have a strong connection and bond.  So strong that my son prays for her auntie to get a boyfriend.  I’m sure God will answer strong with a man that is deserving of her. So here we go, my sister’s nephew-isms.

Nephew-isms Pt. 1

Me: Ethan you’re home?! Why are you home?

Ethan (6 yrs old): Auntie, yay you’re here!

Me: Did you miss me? Ethan: Of course I missed you. I miss you everyday

My boy, the cutest

Nephew-isms pt. 2

Ethan: Auntie I want you to live with us. You’re part of my family.

Me, Daddy, Mommy, Elijah, You and now baby

Me: Haha why do you want me to live with you?

Ethan: Because you’re my beautiful. You’re my princess.

And then I proceeded to bear hug the (not so) little guy until he cried/laughed

Nephew-isms pt. 3

Me: Ethan let’s go to sleep now!

Ethan: Okay let’s go!

Me: Don’t forget we have to –

Ethan: Pray! *prays together* Ethan: …And God please help auntie feel better because I love her…and I want her to stop coughing in my face.

Nephew-isms pt. 4

Me: Okay Ethan you have to sleep now. No more watching. *starts whining dramatically*

Ethan: Awww I wanna keep watching! I wanted to watch one more show but I don’t have time ’cause I had to poo!! Why did I have to poo??! I’m so mad I had to poo!!!

Me: ….what…

Nephew-isms pt. 5

Ethan: Good morning Auntie Me: Morning Ethan

Ethan: Auntie how old are you again?

Me: 23…why?

Ethan: 23! How come no one wanna marry you yet???


Nephew-isms Pt. 6

Ethan: Auntie, I wish we had space for you here. I never want you to leave because you’re so precious to me.

Aunt: Haha Ethan why do you love me so much?

Ethan: Because you’re so good to me and you spend time with me. And — you’re so beautiful.

Aunt: What about you Elijah?

Elijah: I’m watching Auntie. Can you go over there!!!

The difference in personalities between my two nephews are hilarious. Can’t wait for the third little guy! ‪#‎nextmonthalready‬

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