I forgot to brush my kid’s teeth this morning



I forgot to remind the kids to brush their teeth this morning.

I almost took the bus home yesterday, forgetting that I had my car in the park and ride at the train station.

I rummaged  through unfolded laundry this morning to find my last clean underwear.

I wore the same pair of socks two days in a row.

I may look put together when I get to work but to get here is almost a miracle.  My wife just went back to work after a 1 year maternity and parental leave.  It’s been almost two weeks in and we are still adjusting to the new routine.  It’s like riding a bike you haven’t ridden in a while.  You get on and it seems all very familiar.  But your balance and pedalling speed needs a bit more practice.

Final truth:

I think we’re having SPAM for dnner.


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