Family life is a series of mundane events with hints of sparkle at the most unexpected moments.

To get this family photo, I lost count how many times we told our two older kids to listen and to stop bugging each other.  This was a sparkling moment after a series of frustrating events.

The challenge is to keep yourself grounded so that in between those sparkling moments you don’t find the moments in between actually mundane. Sometimes, we tend to just live for those sparkling moments.

A friend of mine reminded me last week what keeps him grounded during the mundane moments — It was gratitude.  He is a father of three, happily married to a wonderful woman for 9 years now.He is simply thankful for the opportunity to be able to come home to his family everyday and be present.  He reminds himself that there are no guarantees in a marriage or in family life and that payoff is unknown.  The moments of consolation could be few and far between. In knowing this, it is gratitude that grounds him.


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