Lessons learned after 9 years of marriage:

  • Buying your first mattress together is more important that you think.  A mattress has a lifespan of 7-10 years. Spare yourself and go for the king.
  • If you’ve never lived together before marriage, be honest and tell your spouse from the get go if you like to cuddle.  They may not actually like to be touched outside the realm of the birds and bees.
  • One person will always be the money manager of the relationship and the other an adviser.  They advise you when they’ve spent more money than they should.
  • No matter how much you think you know your spouse, spelling out expectations is better than trying to read each other’s minds.
  • A sure fire way to spend time together is find TV shows you both will want to watch. Netflix has probably improved many relationships that it will ever get credit for.
  • Don’t take your children too seriously.  Just love them and enjoy them.
  • If you’re doing it right, your spouse is the best spouse ever.  Along with every other married couple out there who thinks their spouse is the best spouse ever.

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