Big Bye Garbage Bag

Sooo…I’ve noticed that my 20 month old son doesn’t say hi or goodbye to me. Tonight, he carried the garbage bag from our bathroom to the hall and said bye to it.  When I drop him off in the morning at daycare, he ignores my efforts to say bye to him. He just continues on […]

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Lessons learned after 9 years of marriage: Buying your first mattress together is more important that you think.  A mattress has a lifespan of 7-10 years. Spare yourself and go for the king. If you’ve never lived together before marriage, be honest and tell your spouse from the get go if you like to cuddle. […]

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Family life is a series of mundane events with hints of sparkle at the most unexpected moments. To get this family photo, I lost count how many times we told our two older kids to listen and to stop bugging each other.  This was a sparkling moment after a series of frustrating events. The challenge is to keep yourself […]

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Children are people too!

Children are as much of a person as anybody out there.  Some people forget that children are actually people. They are not an alien being designed to irritate, annoy, or inconvenience ‘adults’ on purpose. Adults forget they were once someone’s child. Someone brought them into the world and hopefully showed you some love and patience. […]

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My youngest sister is a really great aunt and really great with kids in general.  Last week, she bravely watched over 5 munchkins so we could go out with our friends kid-free. She’s also documented some of her standout moments with my two boys, particularly my eldest on her Facebook page. They definitely have a strong connection […]

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Party of Five

In a few short weeks, our family will become a party of five.  We are thankful and humbled.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed.  We are prepared and wide eyed. We are first to admit that our family has come without too much thought or planning.  I say this as humbly as I acknowledge how many […]

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How I Met Your Mother

Happy birthday to my loving wife.  You are my life.  In honor of your 35th birthday, I thought I would go back in time for a moment.  It’s been over 10 years since we began our relationship.  Each year I have known you, I am humbled by your  love, humility & generosity of heart and […]

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Beautiful Kauai

Beautiful Kauai.  My family fell in love with Kauai. Days on the beach with the kiddies were some of the best times we’ve had.  Mahalo. Until we meet again.

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Bursting into Spring

We are pretty lucky to live here in British Columbia.  From the sea-to-sky, we’ve had a pretty spectacular first couple of weeks this spring.  An afternoon at the beach with the kids and an afternoon with the wife on the mountains.  In between these two spectacular moments was a week of steady rain – go […]

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