“The Commute”

Eastbound. Southbound. Northbound. Westbound.  As soon as the afternoon rush starts, people are in a hurry trying to get to the next place they have to be.  After work, I have to rush to pick up the kids at daycare and after school care.  Most of the time, it’s uneventful but some days require some […]

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Refreshing an Old Suit

It’s tempting to always buy new clothes especially when your old clothes don’t fit anymore.  Whether it’s because you gained or lost weight or just because style preference has evolved,  old clothes don’t quite fit the same way compared to when you first wore it. I have 4 suits in my closet.  A grey pinstripe […]

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Religion and Babies

The number of children is not growing any longer in the world. We are still debating peak oil, but we have definitely reached peak child.” (Hans Rosling) This message of this talk was an amazing revelation to me. “Religion has very little to do with the number of babies per woman. All the religions in the […]

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Choices Choices Choices

My 4 year old will probably never watch TV or consume media the way I did when I was a kid.  My grandmother used to record Saturday morning cartoons and gameshows every time she was in New York back in the 1980s.  She would bring it back to us in the Philippines.  My brothers and […]

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