Happy parents = happy kids

The last three months have been a whirlwind to say the least.  With the birth of our second son – Boy Part Deux (BPD), it resulted in many welcomed visitors from out of town.  From July to just short of two weeks ago, our house was a hub of activity. These past two weeks was […]

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Sibling Love

We named BPD months before he was born so that OBG can start relating to him as a person not just a concept.  I think it’s paid off since OGB is so utterly sweet around his baby brother.  He comes over and greets him, “Hello Little Boy” and gives him a kiss.  OGB also tries to […]

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The Boy Part Deux

This picture was taken just a few days after the boy part deux was born.  My wife, for whatever reason, likes to take pictures of me sleeping with my boys.  Last night, I stumbled upon a blog post on the ‘best parenting advice i never got’.   Reading the piece,  reminded me of the time when we first became […]

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Father x 2

I am now a father x 2.  My wife and I welcomed to the world our second son almost a month ago now.  It’s definitely an exciting time.  This is my second attempt at writing a dad blog.  Maybe having two kids will cause for twice the inspiration. Stay tuned.

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