Sports photography is an exciting and challenging field that requires a combination of technical skill, creative vision, and an understanding of the sport itself. Two of my boys play in competetive soccer teams and it’s been fun capturing their time on the field. Capturing my sons energy and passion for the game has been a joy.

One of the unique challenges of youth soccer photography is capturing players who are still developing their skills and may not always be in the ideal position or pose. Anticipating the action and being ready to capture those fleeting moments of grace and athleticism takes a lot of practice. Often times things happen very quickly, so having a good camera and telephoto lens, panning skills and a fast trigger finger can help you take great action shots.

Sharing pictures with the families of my boys’ teams helped build trust and rapport with the team. This has resulted in more relaxed and natural-looking shots. I’ve gotten to know the team and seeing them excited to see photos has been rewarding.

I hope to continue to improve in my sports photography and learning more about the technical aspects of photography. I’ve learned that once the winter months begin, a lot of times you’re shooting very cloudy or low-light conditions.

With the right technique, equipment, and approach, I look forward to capturing the energy and excitement of my kids on the field and create lasting visual memories of the game for them and my family.

Camera: Sony A6000
Lens: Sony 70-350; Tamron 17-70


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